Aviation Crime Prevention Institute, Inc. is a nonprofit (501(c)(3) organization.  ACPI is supported by the Insurance Company Members, Attorney Members and Associate Members with their tax-deductible membership donations.

Our mission is elimination of aviation crime through the following:

  • Education in theft deterrent methods and security awareness

  • Communication of security information to the Aviation Industry

  • Cooperation between the Aviation Industry and Law Enforcement in a combined effort to reduce crime as it affects general aviation and air transport.  ACPI routinely presents inquiries from the FAA and Law Enforcement to insurers and provides responses. 

  • Documentation of information developed, maintained and available to Aviation Insurers in the form of databases for Stolen Aircraft, Avionics and Hail Damage. 

Member support of ACPI continues to greatly benefit the aviation insurers and the industry.  Our Theft and Hail Damage databases continue to save the insurance companies money and they greatly appreciate our Member participation.
Attorney Membership options are available for Individual attorneys or entire Firms, and benefits include:
  • Direct access to key Insurance Company Representatives on ACPI Board of Directors  (Our Board of Directors includes representatives from AIG Aerospace, Aerospace Insurance Managers, Allianz, Berkley, Global Aerospace, Phoenix Aviation Managers, QBE No America, Starr Adjustment Services, USAIG, XL Insurance Managers, Great American Insurance, and Applied Underwriters Aviation.) 
  • On our Preferred Attorney Member List to Insurers
  • Annual Social & Luncheon with Board of Directors
  • Published on ACPI website with direct contact link.  www.acpi.org

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or for additional information.
Thank you very much for interest in supporting ACPI.